We Sing Our Songs: THANK YOU!

Dear volunteers,

A very huge thank you to those that turned up last Saturday and helped us with WE SING OUR SONGS! The event would not have been a success if not for your SWEAT and HARDWORK!! So THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Hope you’ve had as much fun as we did! 🙂


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Spot yourself on TV!

For those of you that attended the ttpvp gathering on 2 Oct 09, do you recall that there was a camera crew filming?
Well… you may very well be on TV tomorrow night!

The crew was actually filming for Channel 8’s “Tuesday Report: Heirloom Recipes 7” (星期二特写之家传菜7) which is featuring JianHong and dishes that binds her family together. It will be screened tomorrow 10:30pm.

See if you can spot yourself! Haha!

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TTPVP Dinner Gathering a busy affair! 实践剧场义工团晚餐聚热闹非凡!

On the previous friday evening, TTPVP had a dinner gathering for all interested parties to get to know us better. The attendance rate was amazing that day, with people from all walks of life including students, school teachers, office workers, chemist, sales personnel etc. At the beginning of the gathering, everyone, regardless of age enjoyed themselves in our games segment!


Scissors-Paper-Stone the human edition!

Stomachs were heard growling after the warm up… DINNER TIME!
Following the TTP tradition, everyone made themselves comfortable on the floor.

While the clock was ticking, the artistic director of TTP, Jian Hong and the executive committee of TTPVP  took the opportunity to speak to everyone during dinner. They shared the aims of finding the TTPVP and the current volunteering opportunities for the upcoming year so as to allow everyone to get to know TTPVP better and its importance to TTP.

After the gathering, everyone filled in the profile sheets for TTPVP members enthusiastically! Do you want to join in our big family and get to know us better just like them? Hesistate no more! Click Here,to download our profile sheet and email it to ttpvp@practice.org.sg after completing it!

在这个聚会的最后,大伙都踊跃地填写加入义工团的表格!你是否也和他们一样,想更加认识并加入我们?别犹豫了,下载表格,填妥后电邮至 ttpvp@practice.org.sg

Photospread of photos from the event day!


packet dinner
$2 for a packet of Char Siew Rice…Cheap and good!!




We totally depended on them to fight of the heat! (It was hot and humid that night and our hall isn’t air conditioned. Thank goodness for these cold drinks!)



Even being in the working world doesnt stop you from having a lot of fun during our activities!




Everyone not only played hard, but also “worked” hard by listening attentively!




Let’s end off with an “artistic” photo!

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TTPVP gathering SUCCESS! 实践剧团晚餐聚会成功!

Thank you all for coming to the TTPVP gathering!
Hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves like we did!

If you’ve missed this gathering, no worries!
Come Tuesday, we will update the blog with photos from tonight and what has been discussed,so you won’t miss a thing!

Do check back soon for updates! =)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!




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